Various shaders and tools.
"UCP Wood" is a 100% procedural shader for blender 2.79, allowing easy creation of multiple kinds of wooden surfaces at all scales. Created as a learning example for students, I released it as CC-0 and it has been downloaded several thousand times with great feedback.
Editor tools and systems accessible to artists and level designers, for the developpement of Dreamwalkers:
An AI patrol system with custom patrol points which can be assigned a list of behaviours:
A simple camera volume to add additional control to camera placement:
A set of level utilities and shortcuts to organize the level hierarchy, rename and group assets, and provide access to quick functions such as: quick placement, collisions, quick rendering options for shadows, and spawning the core components common to all levels.
Wall builder, a modular wall building utility. The artists spawns sections of walls using simple arrow controls. Corners are added automatically and the modular set is extracted from a data table, making the tool flexible and easy to expand. The UI is updated automatically from the data table as well.
Set pieces can be easily swapped between several modular sets.
Additional controls are provided for easy manipulation such as grid snapping, angle snapping, mirroring, incremental rotation.
Flexible rail system compatible with a push-pull system from which is derived a wagon class. Each wagon can navigate between rails, rails can be moved and rearranged at runtime. Easily accessible to artists and level designers.
Flexible and versatile tutorial system. Bound to a simple box volume, it displays any key with customisable text, a UI option for a long press, and detects the type of input between keyboard and controller. It can be deactivated on input, or by listening to an actor to record a specific action.

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