Puzzle platforming game for PC and consoles.
My involvement: Concept, Game design, Level design, lead dev and tech art.
Created in UE4.
In Tandem : a Tale of Shadows, you control Emma to create shadows in top down view, wich are used as platforms by her bear Fenton, in side view.
The shadows system can compute numerous light sources, spawns a cell grid around the level. A set of "lines of interest" is computed using the light sources' positions and wall detection, the the cell grid is sliced, each cell's illumination is computed, and the platforms are built in 3D with procedural meshes, all within one frame. Several bottom layers are also built with a custom depth stencil assigned, used in the post process shader effect. Written in C++.
Developpement of all custom gameplay systems:
An AI system with a flexible Patrol actor, with multiple behaviours for each patrol point, easily accesible to artists.
A set of tools was created to help artists build levels.
A wall builder uses a set of procedural wall pieces to build walls using one click, swap pieces with other pieces, manipulate them and align them with the modular grid. Modular sets can be swapped with one button, switching the look of the level.

A global utility is also created to add main characters, level bounds, cell manager to compute shadows, and switch each asset's main settings without going through its properties.
It also allows auto-organising of the level hierarchy, and renaming and grouping assets or group of assets.
Wall builder in action:

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