A VR rail shooter created in UE4 for PC VR. Released Dec. 2018
Production team size: 3 people
My involvement:
Game design
All game logic using visual scripting (blueprints)
All AI scripting (Behaviour trees)
Modelisation, texturing (Blender, Substance Suite)
Lighting & shading
Level design, level dressing
All animation
A few enhanced screenshots from the game:
The mother spaceship is probably the most challenging asset in terms of topology. You can see the evolution from concept to final asset below.
High density UVs were carefully made, for the highest texel density possible.
The death of the goddess is the game's grand finale. It was animated to be unsettling and memorable.
The Eiffel tower is a challenging setpiece for the target hardware in VR. Clever use of tiling UVs and masked shaders allowed for a very low polycount and texture/shader impact.

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